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Mighty Cardinal Fitness Parameters

If you score advanced in all our fitness parameters, you earn the award of Mighty Cardinal!

SRMS Physical Education Contract:
Aim: Physical Education is that part of education which increases the physical, mental and emotional growth of a student through the learning and application of basic fundamentals and rules of physical activities and sports.
1. Five minutes at the beginning and end of the period will be given for the changing of clothes.
2. After changing, the students will enter the gym under the direction of the teacher and will immediately sit in their assigned squads.
3. Students must remain in the locker room, not in the hallway or gym, until the bell rings.
4. Once class starts, the locker room doors will be locked and not opened until the end of class.
5. If a student needs to be excused from class, one day or longer, he/she must present the note to the nurse at the beginning of that school day.
  • Long term medical excuse (more than 1 week) must be signed by a doctor and specific about limitations and adaptations.
  • Any student who does not participate in PE class, with or without a parent/doctors note, must complete a written assignment to fulfill their participation requirement for that day’s class.
6. Each student will receive a letter grade for each marking period. There will be no medical excuse grades given.
7. No books, book bags in gymnasium. You are responsible for your valuables. Make sure your locker is locked at all times.
(Listed are the requirements for each of the components that make up your P.E. grade)
1. Each student starts each marking period with 100 points.
2. Participation-each student is expected to participate to the best of their
ability in each and every Physical Education class. (–5 points for lack of participation)
3. Preparation and Attendance-a complete change of clothing is required to receive credit for being prepared for each class: (-5 points for lack of preparation)
  • Sandy Run uniform is required (shorts and shirt)
  • Appropriate athletic footwear (no hiking boots) and socks
  • Sweat clothing or warm-ups should be worn during cold weather on top of the uniform.
  • Only your last name is permitted on the back of the Physical Education t-shirt and right leg of the shorts.
  • No aerosol deodorant products are permitted in the locker room.
(-10 points are deducted when you are not prepared and do not participate.)
4. Fitness Testing
  • Fitness testing is a requirement for all students.
  • Fitness testing may occur periodically throughout the year.
  • Make-up testing times will be announced during regular P.E. classes.